My Quirky Idealism.♥

This will probably be one of the oddest blogs you've ever seen.
I blog to express, never to impress. Shoving my idealism into other people's faces? Eh, not so much. Showing them how fucked up my world and euphoric imagination is? Yeah, that's pretty much it. Bye.
Fishtail braid or something. lol 

Fishtail braid or something. lol 

So my mom & I were watching the MTV movie awards and when it came to the part where Rita Ora ripped off Zac Efron’s shirt, my mom totally fan girled and I just sat there thinking to myself “mission accomplished.” Now she’ll understand why I do this. I’m a girl on a mission. 

Panic!At The Disco

—This is Gospel (Acoustic)

Brendon Urie is just so effin’ perf. 

When other people looks so effortlessly hot and you’re just like